EU SME strategy

Full attention must be given to SME needs in the design of the EU flagship initiatives: the single market for goods and services, the digital single market, the trade negotiations, the EU regulatory reform, etc. For BusinessEurope it is essential to support SMEs strongly.

This is why we welcomed the announcement by the European Commission of its intention to release a renewed EU SME strategy in March 2020. A comprehensive and action-oriented initiative is essential to improve the operating environment for SMEs and for the economic and social wellbeing of our societies.

With its strategy, the European Commission has an opportunity to shape the EU SME policy to bolster the number of vibrant SMEs in the EU, and to help them fully grasp the opportunities and respond robustly to the challenges brought by a rapidly changing business environment.

The EU strategy for SMEs should build on the achievements of the Small Business Act (SBA), an overarching framework for the EU SME policy which delivered a number of encouraging outcomes. However, the priorities outlined in the SBA should be updated by taking account of the new needs of SMEs.


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Public letters Date
Revision of the European Small Business Act (SBA) - Joint letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission 09/04/2015


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