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Goods and standards

A truly functional single market for goods has the potential to spur growth, employment and investment.

Complying with a multitude of national rules instead of applying a common framework is burdening business performance and disregarding the potential it offers economic growth.

Persistence of non-tariff barriers puts a range of businesses under pressure. Smaller businesses willing to scale up and sell cross-border miss out on market opportunities; while businesses with larger production chains through Europe are becoming less competitive in global markets.

Businesses continue to experience a lack of adequate application of mutual recognition and a fragmented application of overly complex regulatory requirements.


Position papers Date
Common specifications - a BusinessEurope position paper 22/07/2022
Proposed amendment to the Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012 European standardisation - BusinessEurope feedback 07/04/2022
Joint industry statement – Feedback on the standardisation strategy 06/04/2022
The New Legislative Framework (NLF) evaluation - BusinessEurope reply to the public consultation 18/02/2022
Standardisation governance - BusinessEurope reply to the targeted consultation 14/01/2022
Adapting liability rules to the digital age and artificial intelligence - BusinessEurope comments on the public consultation 10/01/2022
General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR) - a BusinessEurope position paper 21/12/2021
Priorities for the machinery products regulation - Joint industry statement 04/10/2021
Standardisation Strategy Roadmap - a BusinessEurope position paper 09/08/2021
Effective harmonised standardisation - Joint industry recommendations 06/07/2021
Revision of the General Product Safety Directive - BusinessEurope comments 08/03/2021
The New Legislative Framework (NLF) evaluation: provisional comments 01/12/2020
Shaping a New Deal for the Single Market - Harmonised standards in support of a competitive European industry 27/01/2020
General product safety directive (GPSD) - BusinessEurope reply to the stakeholder consultation 05/12/2019
Guidance on practical aspects of the implementation of Regulation (EU) No. 1025/2012 - Reply to the European Commission consultation of stakeholders 26/09/2019
Free movement of goods: priorities for 2019-2024 22/05/2019
The way forward for the New Approach - a BusinessEurope strategy paper 01/02/2019
BusinessEurope comments on the Commission's 'goods package' 28/03/2018
Joint industry statement on the European Accessibility Act 07/09/2017
Enhancing enforcement and compliance for goods - a BusinessEurope strategy paper 15/11/2016
BusinessEurope’s comments on the possible revision of the mutual recognition Regulation 30/09/2016
Joint initiative on standardisation under the single market strategy 16/06/2016
The European Accessibility Act - a BusinessEurope position paper 30/05/2016
Mutual recognition in goods - a BusinessEurope strategy paper 10/05/2016
BusinessEurope comments on standards in the digital single market: setting priorities and ensuring delivery 18/12/2015
A joint initiative on standardisation 04/12/2015
Provisional options for an eCompliance system - BusinessEurope response to the European Commission 04/12/2014
Standards in the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - a BusinessEurope position paper 25/03/2014
Press releases Date
Ability to lead on global standards crucial for EU’s competitiveness 02/02/2022
“Goods package”: EU made step forward 07/02/2019
Goods package: EU law should be better enforced to protect consumers and companies 04/09/2018
Goods Package – timely proposals to improve the free movement of goods 19/12/2017
Plenary vote on European Accessibility Act: several steps in the right direction 14/09/2017
Encouraging signs to strengthen the single market 13/06/2016
Public letters Date
Opposition of BusinessEurope and ETUC to Draft TC 260 Business Plan - Letter to Sergio Mujica, ISO Secretary-General 20/09/2021
Industry competitiveness heavily relies on effective harmonised standardisation - Open letter to Pedro Siza Vieira 01/02/2021
Proposal for a regulation on compliance and enforcement from the 'goods package' - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to ambassadors to the EU 20/11/2018
Interinstitutional dialogue on European standardisation - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer 06/06/2018
Improving the free movement of goods in the single market - Letter from Jérôme P. Chauvin to Joaquim Nunes de Almeida 17/03/2017
BusinessEurope's initial contribution following the European standardisation system (ESS) review - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to Daniel Calleja Crespo 01/07/2015
Evaluation of the application of the principle of mutual recognition in the field of goods - Letter from Jérôme P. Chauvin to Kidmose Rytz, Danish Technological Institute 18/12/2014
European Commission proposal for the product safety and market surveillance package and amendments added by the European Parliament - Letter from Jérôme P. Chauvin to Maija Laurila, DG SANCO 12/12/2014
Horizontal European standards for services - Letter from Jérôme P. Chauvin to Maitane Olabarria Uzquiano, CEN-CENELEC 18/08/2014
Product safety and market surveillance package - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to members of the European Parliament in view of the EP plenary vote in April 03/03/2014
Speeches Date
Implementing the joint initiative on standardisation: what it means for the European standardisation system - Address by Paul Coebergh van den Braak, final plenary of the joint initiative on standardisation 29/04/2016
Business perspective on key priorities for the single market for products and services - Speech by Markus J. Beyrer at the Enterprise Policy Group (EPG) 26/11/2014
Product safety from a global manufacturers point of view: address by Annette Dragsdahl at the CEOC-EUROLAB–IFIA International Safety Seminar 2014 ‘How safe do you think you are? Why independent testing is important.’ 05/11/2014


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