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Better regulation

The EU must improve its competitiveness to hold its own against both developed and emerging economic blocs around the world. Taking a smart approach to regulation will enhance growth and investment.

The EU should avoid legislative proposals with a disproportionate impact on competitiveness that add no real value to the single market and growth. This requires a sharp focus on smart regulation.

Boosting competitiveness and developing the single market through the use of smart regulation tools to cut red tape and devise proportionate legislation should be a mindset of all decision-makers. It should be a priority for the European Commission, European Parliament and member states.

For BusinessEurope:

  • Three key recommendations: focus on competitiveness and growth; reduce burdens, avoid gold-plating
  • Three key principles: proportionality, openness, transparency
  • Three key tools: impact assessments, consultation, evaluation and targets

Facts and figures

  • The annual costs of administrative burdens amount to 3.5% of EU GDP. (Source:
  • Around 40% of administrative costs are caused by European legislation while roughly 60% are caused by national legislation. (Source: European Commission)
  • Up to one third of regulatory burdens in EU legislation is caused by the way it is implemented by the member states. (Source: EUR-lex)
Last updated: 4 July 2016