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Intellectual property

IP-intensive industries generate around 45% of EU GDP (EUR 6.6 trillion) and directly employ 63 million people (29.2% of all jobs) in the EU annually; they account for 63 million jobs (29% of all jobs). A further 21 million people are employed in sectors that supply these industries with goods and services (Source: EUIPO-EPO).

Intellectual property (IP) is key to drive innovation, growth, competitiveness and job creation in Europe. European innovation is vital to ensure that the European Union (EU) can maintain its global leading role in developing sustainable solutions to cope with mutual challenges prompted e.g. by consumer safety, urbanisation, digitalisation, climate change, lack of food and clean water, a growing ageing population and health issues.

IP protects the fundamental intangible knowledge-based assets which are essential for investments and efforts by European companies to provide tangible solutions to society. IP generates business opportunities and should be considered one of the fundamental pillars of the EU industrial competitiveness.

IP should be underlined among general EU industrial policy goals and should be part of any industrial policy discussion. Raising awareness of the benefits that IP offers should also be a priority.


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