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Energy and environment

By 2025 the world’s population is expected to have grown to 8 billion people, with more and more people in China, India, Brazil and elsewhere claiming their rights to attain the same standards of living as the inhabitants of OECD countries. As the world economy is growing, so is the use of resources – be it oil, gas, metals, minerals, wood, water or land. The challenge is to ensure sustainable access to and use of resources without causing environmental problems that disrupt supply chains, hamper important eco-systems, cause dangerous climate change or negatively affect biodiversity.

The EU is currently among the most environmentally sustainable regions in the world, not the least because many European companies are market leaders in eco-friendly products and solutions. The environmental challenges therefore also present global market opportunities for European companies. But this requires smart policies which foster global competitiveness, especially of the European industry.

Last updated: 10 September 2019