Restructuring processes are necessary for EU competitiveness, economic growth and job creation. They are a precondition for increasing the prosperity of EU society. The ability to make timely restructuring decisions is an essential factor of competitiveness for EU companies on global markets.

The focus of restructuring-related policies should be on creating an environment conducive to job creation as well as enabling and encouraging redundant workers get back to work quickly. In the recent years a few member states have taken steps to facilitate adaptation to change. But in many parts of the EU it is still too difficult for companies to restructure, due to e.g. overly stringent redundancy regulations or inflexible employment protection legislation.

The EU has a comprehensive legal framework providing for employee rights in times of change. Several EU directives supplement various national rules and social partner activities. There is no need for additional EU legislation in the field of restructuring.
Exchange of practice related to management of restructuring and anticipation of change can be useful, but a top down approach providing detailed guidance at EU level is counter-productive.

Last updated: 17 January 2019