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Trade policy for decades has played a key role in supporting the EU’s competitiveness and in influencing investment decisions in Europe. We should renew our commitment to trade policy to complement and underpin other important EU policies on climate, digital, innovation and industrial policy by achieving the following objectives: increasing resilience through diversification of imports; creating market opportunities for European companies; improving security and mitigating geopolitical risks; promoting more sustainable standards and ensuring a level playing field. In a similar vein, other EU policies should also consider their impact on trade. Action is also critical at global level and the EU should work with its trading partners to renew a shared commitment to rules-based trade order to effectively address the challenges we face today.

Read more in here: Open strategic autonomy - How trade policy can best support European competitiveness, May 2023 (.pdf/1.75 MB)

BusinessEurope defends an ambitious trade agenda, advocating for an improved access to third markets. More and better trade means more possibilities for companies to grow and invest, leading to more and better paid jobs in the EU but also abroad. Therefore business needs to be at the forefront of an efficient and ambitious trade policy.

Last updated: 24 May 2023