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Employers' Resource Centre

The Employers' Resource Centre (ERC) is an information website created to respond to some of the needs and demands of employer organisations in EU member states and candidate countries, focusing on:

  • Latest results of the cross-industry European social dialogue, including a database of texts (framework agreements, framework of actions, declarations, etc.);
  • Information on past and present project activities undertaken by the European social partners;
  • Information on EU funding opportunities for projects.

The website is managed by BusinessEurope on behalf of the three EU cross-industry employer organisations - BusinessEurope, SGI Europe and SMEunited. Its creation and maintenance is possible thanks to funding received from the European Commission.


Maxime Cerutti

+32 2 237 65 30

Isaline Ossieur

+32 2 237 65 37

Alexandra Luchie

Project officer
+32 2 237 65 67
Last updated: 14 December 2020