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Labour markets and social policy

EU labour markets and social policy are well-developed, including a significant number of EU social directives, and underpinned by social protection systems at national level.

First, there are around 70 EU social directives, protecting workers and giving them rights in areas such as health and safety, non-discrimination and information and consultation. The focus should be on proper implementation of existing social legislation, which does not mean lowering social standards, rather ensuring it protects workers without unnecessary costs and bureaucracy.

Second, social protection and social investment are part and parcel of the European social model. Expenditure on social protection is high in Europe compared with other world regions. On average it counts for two thirds of EU government expenditure.

EU labour markets are characterised by a number of structural weaknesses, not least an entrenched problem of unemployment. Some groups in society, such as women, young people or older workers, continue to be under-represented in employment. The crisis has increased the challenge, but the problems are not new.

High unemployment rates in Europe are to a large extent due to the inefficiency and under-performance of labour markets. Companies still face challenges in terms of unnecessary rigidities in labour law, excessively high non-wage labour costs and skills mismatches. Structural weaknesses are also caused by a mismatch between the skills provided by education and training and those needed on the labour markets.

BusinessEurope calls for reforms which encourage companies to create jobs, motivate people to work, and ensure adequate and sustainable social protection. Improving learning outcomes in line with labour market needs is another key challenge on European labour markets.


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