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SME access to finance

In the future, conditions will be tighter as regards access to bank credit for small companies everywhere in Europe, and also for medium-sized companies in many countries. Innovative policy thinking is needed to improve SME access to the non-lending financing routes: venture capital, mezzanine finance, private placement, crowdfunding, access to financial markets, etc.. 

Deploying SME-geared EU financial instruments is also part of the solution. The European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) has the potential of supporting additional SME and mid-cap investment at a level of 75 billion euros over 3 years. The European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the member states should take creative measures for encouraging blending of private money with EIB money and national funds, with a view to supporting SME investment.

Upcoming Events


Organised on the initiative of the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of SMEs of Belgium, the event will feature a series of high-level panels dedicated to the theme of SME financing. Participants will be guided through five compelling panel debates, exploring diverse facets of SME financing. This...


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Last updated: 28 February 2020