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Consumers and businesses are natural actors of the internal market . Consumer policy and business environment are therefore two key pillars in a growth and jobs agenda.  
BusinessEurope promotes a sound and balanced consumer policy that ensures an adequate high level of consumer protection, promotes competitiveness of companies and helps embrace the new opportunities of the digital economy.

BusinessEurope vision for consumer policy in Europe includes:

  • focus on better implementation and enforcement of existing rules by public authorities and deeper international cooperation and coordination;
  • promotion of out-of-court means of redress (alternative dispute resolution and online dispute resolution) which are faster and more cost effective when compared to judicial means;
  • new rules only when absolutely necessary, provided they are evidence-based, future-proof and they follow a targeted/ full harmonisation approach;
  • improving awareness of the European consumer acquis among consumers but also among smaller companies with lower legal resources;
  • promotion of informal dialogue between business and consumers.


Position papers Date
Joint business statement in view of the IMCO vote on the proposal on modernisation of EU consumer law 17/01/2019
Joint business statement on the proposal on representative actions (collective redress) 30/11/2018
New deal for consumers - a BusinessEurope comment paper 29/08/2018
Representative actions for the protection of the collective interest of consumers (collective redress) - a BusinessEurope position paper 05/07/2018
Injunctions directive - Inception impact assessment - BusinessEurope's comments 23/11/2017
Joint statement on businesses’ priorities for the digital content directive proposal 21/11/2017
Consumer and Marketing Law REFIT follow-up consultation 06/10/2017
Collective redress - public consultation 2017 17/08/2017
Joint statement on businesses’ priorities for the digital content directive proposal 19/05/2017
Liability for defective products - BusinessEurope's reply to the public consultation 26/04/2017
BusinessEurope’s comments on the consumer protection cooperation regulation revision 09/11/2016
Comments on the geo-blocking proposal - a BusinessEurope position paper 10/10/2016
An efficient & fit-for-purpose consumer framework 02/09/2016
Proposals on online sale of goods and digital content - BusinessEurope comments 20/04/2016
Harmonisation of contract rules for digital content and tangible goods 17/09/2015
BusinessEurope comments on alternative dispute resolution 21/03/2012
BusinessEurope comments on common sales law for the EU 10/02/2012
Consultation on feasibility study on European contract law - a BusinessEurope position paper 29/06/2011
BusinessEurope's comments on the upcoming roadmap for a ressource-efficient Europe 11/05/2011
BusinessEurope views on collective redress 27/04/2011
BusinessEurope reply to the consultation on the use of alternative dispute resolution as a means to resolve disputes related to commercial transactions and practices in the European Union 15/03/2011
Policy options for progress towards a European contract law for consumers and businesses - BusinessEurope response to the consultation 28/01/2011
Press releases Date
EU New Deal for Consumers: a solution in search of a problem 11/04/2018
Stimulus for e-commerce positive - but doubts on geo-blocking initiative 25/05/2016
EU Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is a win-win solution for all 15/02/2016
EU needs contract law fit for the 21st century 09/12/2015
BusinessEurope welcomes EU push for out-of-court redress 12/03/2013
Alternative dispute resolution: A win-win solution for consumers and businesses 29/11/2011
Consumer rights: full harmonisation principle is key for the internal market 23/06/2011
Consumer rights: business organisations call for European Parliament plenary to preserve full harmonisation 23/03/2011
Public letters Date
Upcoming EU collective redress measure - Letter from Emma Marcegaglia to Jean-Claude Juncker 30/03/2018
Businesses call for more legal clarity in the draft geo-blocking regulation - Joint letter from BusinessEurope, EuroCommerce, DIGITALEUROPE, and EMOTA 14/11/2016
Upcoming EP plenary vote on the common European sales law proposal (CESL) - Joint business views from BusinessEurope, DIGITALEUROPE, EMOTA, EUROCHAMBRES, EuroCommerce and UEAPME 20/02/2014
BusinessEurope views on the consumer protection cooperation regulation consultation - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to Commissioner Neven Mimica 07/02/2014
Consultation on European Small Claims Procedure - BusinessEurope letter to the EC 12/06/2013
Green paper on unfair trading practices in the business-to-business food and non-food supply chain - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer, BusinessEurope's Director General, to Commissioner Barnier 29/05/2013
Japanese class action system (Shudan Sosho Deido) - Urgent proposition from Keidanren, JCCI, Keizai Doyukai, ACCJ, US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform, EBC and BusinessEurope 25/03/2013
Proposed directive on alternative dispute resolution - Joint letter from AmCham EU, BusinessEurope and EuroCommerce to members of the European Parliament IMCO and JURI Committees 07/09/2012
Commission proposal ro recast the Brussels I regulation - Letter from Philippe de Buck to Commissioner Viviane Reding 26/10/2011
European business assessment and priorities for the adoption of a directive on consumer rights - Joint letter from BusinessEurope, EUROCHAMBRES and UEAPME 24/02/2011
Speeches Date
Opportunities and challenges in the digital era - Speaking points for Ulf Pehrsson at the European Consumer Summit "European consumers in the digital era" 01/04/2014
Challenges in the field of consumer protection: a business perspective - Speaking notes for Jérôme P. Chauvin at the EESC European Consumer Day conference, Thessaloniki 14/03/2014
Alternative dispute resolution: providing consumers real effective redress - 3 October 2013, Vilnius - Lithuanian Presidency Conference on Consumer Protection 03/10/2013
Common European Sales Law in e-commerce: BusinessEurope's perspective - ERA Conference, Trier, 12 September 2013 12/09/2013
Consumer remedies in the common European sales law and consumer rights directive: BusinessEurope's perspective - Presentation by Pedro Oliveira at ERA annual conference on European consumer law 25/10/2012
Collective redress in a European perspective - Presentation by Jérôme Chauvin at the Danish Presidency conference on collective redress 22/03/2012
Alternative dispute resolution: providing consumers real effective redress - Presentation by Pedro Oliveira at the European Parliament IMCO hearing on ADRs 29/02/2012
Competition policy and consumer welfare - Presentation by Guido Lobrano at the European Competition and Consumer Day, Poznan 24/11/2011
Finding balanced alternatives: Promoting alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms in the EU - Concluding remarks by Philippe de Buck, BusinessEurope-AmCham EU seminar 19/09/2011
Added value of collective redress for improving the enforcement of EU law: entering a new debate - Presentation by Jérome Chauvin at the Commission public hearing 05/04/2011
Consumers in the digital environment - Speaking points for Jérôme Chauvin in the European Consumer Day 2011, Budapest 18/03/2011
Last updated: 4 July 2016