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Consumers and businesses are natural actors of the internal market . Consumer policy and business environment are therefore two key pillars in a growth and jobs agenda.  
BusinessEurope promotes a sound and balanced consumer policy that ensures an adequate high level of consumer protection, promotes competitiveness of companies and helps embrace the new opportunities of the digital economy.

BusinessEurope vision for consumer policy in Europe includes:

  • focus on better implementation and enforcement of existing rules by public authorities and deeper international cooperation and coordination;
  • promotion of out-of-court means of redress (alternative dispute resolution and online dispute resolution) which are faster and more cost effective when compared to judicial means;
  • new rules only when absolutely necessary, provided they are evidence-based, future-proof and they follow a targeted/ full harmonisation approach;
  • improving awareness of the European consumer acquis among consumers but also among smaller companies with lower legal resources;
  • promotion of informal dialogue between business and consumers.


Position papers Date
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Public letters Date
Joint industry statement: Businesses reject the rash extension of the withdrawal button to all distance contracts through rushed negotiations 21/02/2023
Upcoming EU collective redress measure - Letter from Emma Marcegaglia to Jean-Claude Juncker 30/03/2018
Press releases Date
Access to EU consumer group actions should support consumers, not law firms and funders 28/11/2019
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Reports and studies Date
Recommendations for a better presentation of information to consumers 22/07/2019
Last updated: 21 August 2023