Posting of workers

Free movement of workers and free movement of services are among fundamental values of the EU. BusinessEurope fully supports these principles.

Posting of workers plays an important role in developing the single market in services. As well as facilitating cross-border activity, posted workers improve business efficiency and help deal with temporary gaps in labour and skills supply.

The appropriate EU legal framework on posting of workers is already in place. The posting of workers directive of 1996 ensures a level playing field between companies and a range of equal minimum standards for posted and host country workers. The directive does not need to be revised.

The enforcement directive adopted in spring 2014 will help address abuses of posting that sometimes happen on the ground. It will strengthen cooperation between national authorities, ensure more transparency, and improve cross-border enforcement of penalties.


Anna Kwiatkiewicz

Senior Adviser
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Last updated: 5 July 2016