Circular economy

Circular economy is about minimising waste generation and maintaining the economic value of products, materials and resources as long as possible. It can take several forms: from reducing the use of virgin resources and energy to redesigning products for better recycling, or cooperation between companies through an industrial symbiosis where one industry’s waste is another industry’s input.

Circular economy: the business case


European business is fully on board with the circular economy approach. It does so because it makes business sense, and because future consumption and production patterns are so monumental that they cannot be managed in the way we organise these patterns today. Many businesses all over Europe have already embarked into more circularity or plan to do so.

BusinessEurope is involved in many policy files related to the circular econony. Furthermore, it has launched the European Circular Economy Industry Platform in May 2017. The platform is a web tool managed by BusinessEurope and its national members that contributes to the EU’s agenda on circular economy. It continuously brings new examples of innovative ways in which industry, SMEs and other business add to the circular economy in Europe. At the same time, it highlights the regulatory and non-regulatory challenges these businesses still face to upscale their current initiatives or to start new ones. The platform is a unique bottom-up business-led hub of knowledge and expertise.


Press releases Date
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Position papers Date
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BusinessEurope comments on key issues voted on by the EP ENVI Committee on the Waste Framework Directive (COM proposal amending Directive 2008/98/EC on waste) 24/01/2017
Public letters Date
EU Council meeting on 24 October 2022 - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to Anna Hubáčková 11/10/2022
Concern over the current draft of single-use plastics (SUP) directive guidelines - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen 09/02/2021
Call for urgent action to postpone the legal obligations related to the SCIP database - Letter from 40 industry associations to Ursula von der Leyen 21/09/2020
Reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to Amb. Thomas Oberreiter 29/10/2018
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Plastics strategy: voluntary pledges - Letter from Markus J. Beyrer to Jyrki Katainen 03/04/2018
Plastics strategy - Letters from Markus J. Beyrer ahead of the Environment Council meeting on 5 March 2018 02/03/2018
Facts and figures Date
Key aims of the European circular economy industry platform 31/05/2017


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