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Corporate social responsibility

Business plays a key role in society, not least in offering jobs, but also in providing innovative solutions to major societal and environmental challenges, such as sustainable transport, eco-efficient products, promoting a healthy lifestyle or diversity at the workplace, often working together with stakeholders.

The broad ownership and development of CSR amongst European companies continues to flourish. Many companies are progressively integrating CSR into their company strategies, not because they are forced to do so, but because they believe in the benefits of doing so, whether it be to address the challenges they face, to manage risks, as a business opportunity or to give them a competitive edge.

The EU approach to CSR must be based on the fact that it is business-driven. The key challenge for EU CSR policy is ensuring that it promotes further voluntary uptake and development of CSR by companies, whilst allowing them the flexibility to continue to shape their own CSR approach according to their specific circumstances and the needs of their stakeholders.

Facts and figures

The number of EU enterprises that have signed up to the ten CSR principles of the United Nations Global Compact has risen from 600 in 2006 to over 1900 in 2011. (Source: EU CSR Strategy 2011-2014) BusinessEurope believes that there needs to be greater acknowledgement that CSR will be driven not by regulatory intervention, but by companies, due to a growing belief of the benefits of CSR – both direct and indirect - for business performance, competitiveness, and responding to stakeholder expectations. A solid business-friendly approach is needed in the EU debate on CSR. The European Commission should partner with the business community to realise that approach.


Position papers Date
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Speeches Date
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Press releases Date
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