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TTIP – we must remain ambitious

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership must remain a comprehensive agreement. Both sides need to engage in the negotiations throughout the year to be able to conclude a political agreement that includes the most difficult issues during President Obama’s term. This was the key message BUSINESSEUROPE gave at today's breakfast debate with TTIP chief negotiators Ignacio Garcia Bercero (EU) and Daniel Mullaney (USA) in Brussels. Several sensitive and important issues are still open in the current 12th round of TTIP talks in Brussels. Markus J. Beyrer stated: "We need a comprehensive agreement giving both sides new market opportunities in public procurement. We also need to eliminate unnecessary costs stemming from different regulations on testing and labelling requirements. These objectives are the very essence of our support for TTIP and the USA are well aware of it. We also need substantial progress in the regulatory chapter across the different sectors. A permanent structure for consistent dialogue between regulators is essential".

Last updated: 26 February 2016