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TTIP: BusinessEurope's press debate

Why does TTIP matter for European business? How can it lead to the establishment of world-class rules and standards? This was the main topic of the press debate organised by BusinessEurope on 23 September 2014, offering European journalists to engage with representatives from industry, trade unions and the consumers. The debate was an opportunity also to discuss controversial aspects of TTIP in a number of areas, including food and product safety, workers rights, environmental and investor protection. NGOs, MEPs, the European Commission, US decision-makers were in the audience. The debate, moderated by Stephen Fidler of Wall Street Journal, featured as speakers:

  • Markus J. Beyrer, Director General, BusinessEurope
  • Bernadette Ségol, Secretary General, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
  • Monique Goyens, Director General, European Consumer Organisation (BEUC)
  • Carl Martin Welcker, Vice President, German Engineering Association (VDMA); company owner and Manager, Schütte GmbH & Co KG

“Many arguments against TTIP are more or less critics of globalisation. Yet, globalisation is a reality, and TTIP is a good chance to shape it according to our model. In addition, TTIP could be a springboard for SMEs to be ready with globalisation.„ - Markus J. Beyrer, BusinessEurope

“TTIP must work for the people or it won't work at all. Our priorities are: labour standards to be implemented, public services to be respected, ISDS to be excluded.„ - Bernadette Ségol, ETUC

“In principle, we are not against trade agreements, they can bring more choice, lower prices to consumers and impact innovation. Yet, what is in TTIP for consumers remains to be seen. We ask for a meaningful access to texts, more inclusive participation of more stakeholders to give TTIP a chance not to fail - on its merits, not secrecy.„ - Monique Goyens, BEUC

“If trade barriers would be removed, I could hire more people. Big companies might benefit but export-oriented SMEs may benefit even more from TTIP.„ - Carl Martin Welcker, VDMA


Last updated: 6 July 2016