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Construction sector: “Golden rules” to prevent MSDs

Moving loads, awkward postures and vibrations from machinery can cause MSDs. Especially if they are repetitive, everyday routine. To avoid work-related MSDs the workers of the construction sector should follow these "golden rules":

  • Avoid risks, use automate lifting and transport operations, whenever possible;
  • Design your workplace to provide enough room to adopt the correct postures;
  • Use variations while performing the routine tasks;
  • Take the required breaks;
  • Keep up to date with practical training on the correct use of work equipment (lifting devices, chairs, furniture) and safe working postures (sitting, standing);
  • Keep up to date with assistive and more ergonomic devices, tools and equipment;
  • Prioritise good-grip handles over anti-slip gloves;
  • Take smaller loads per lift over back belts.
Last updated: 27 October 2021