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B20 delivers strong recommendations in the area of trade and investment

The Germany B20 Summit that took place in Berlin on 2 and 3 May was the culmination of almost a year’s efforts of the business community to prepare recommendations on a broad global agenda, including on Digitalisation, Energy, Climate & Resource Efficiency, Employment & Education and SMEs. Emma Marcegaglia, BusinessEurope’s President, was the Chair of the Trade and Investment Taskforce and delivered the policy paper “Creating Benefits for All Driving Inclusive Growth through Trade and Investment” to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a dedicated leaders session. In particular, the B20 Trade and Investment policy paper calls for (1) strengthening an open and inclusive trading system, (2) making use of digital trade potential and (3) fostering investment facilitation. Commenting on the policy paper, Emma Marcegaglia stated: “Today we passed a strong message against protectionism, in favour of more sustainable and inclusive trade policies. We believe that our recommendations will contribute to this goal. The key is now in the hands of the G20 to deliver.” The B20 Trade and Investment policy paper may be found here.

Last updated: 8 May 2017