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BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer participated in the stakeholder roundtable of the EU-U.S. Trade and Technology Council (TTC) in Paris. Together with high-level participants from both sides of the Atlantic, he discussed the priorities for the future work of the TTC in trade and secure supply chains. TTC is a much-needed platform for a high-level EU-US dialogue that goes beyond political cycles, Beyrer underlined. We are happy to see that it has already delivered in substance with the common approach to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Now we need to outline the new areas of cooperation that can lead to concrete outcomes to boost the Transatlantic economy. The EU and USA should work together to improve our common security through export controls, energy security, access to raw materials. We need to promote regulatory cooperation and conformity assessment, reducing trade barriers, both in our bilateral trade, and also multilaterally.


BusinessEurope has updated its series of short papers showcasing examples of barriers that businesses and citizens face on the Single Market. We believe they are key to understand remaining bottlenecks, and facilitate informed decision-making. These examples illustrate barriers across a wide range of different policy areas, from the free movement of goods and services to company law, social policy coordination or transport. We appreciate the European Commission's analysis provided in the updated Industrial Strategy package of 5 May 2021, re-confirming the remaining Single Market challenges through the angle of 14 industrial eco-systems. We also support efforts in ensuring consistent follow-up to the long-term action plan on implementation and enforcement of Single Market rules (2020), as well as the annual Single Market Reports, including the latest one of 2022. However, tangible actions still need to be defined and taken to address the identified Single Market barriers. - Read more



After one year of debates on Europe’s challenges and priorities, the Conference on the Future of Europe comes to an end. BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyer talks about the outcomes.


Ahead of the May 15-16 ministerial meeting of the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC), the transatlantic business community reiterates a firm commitment to doing their part to ensure the success of this important initiative. Enhanced cooperation between the United States and the European Union has always been essential — and recent geopolitical, economic, and global health challenges have doubly underscored the value of collaboration. We have seen encouraging and important advancements in transatlantic cooperation in recent months, BusinessEurope and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce write in a joint statement. These are all welcome, and next month's ministerial must build on this progress and deliver concrete actions, especially on: third-country cooperation, AI and emerging technology; supply chain security; sustainability and energy security; conformity assessment and mutual recognition agreements; stakeholder engagement. - Read more


BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer met a delegation of Members of the Ukrainian Parliament. It was an opportunity to reiterate our strong condemnation of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, discuss the situation on the ground, the needs of the country to rebuild its economy and how European business can help in this respect. Ukraine is setting up a restauration roadmap to rebuild infrastructure destroyed by the war, provide housing and help industries return to the country and reorganise. Sectors that are currently under consideration include energy (gas, oil, hydrogen), information technologies, automotive, raw materials, agriculture and food amongst others. At the same time, finding viable solutions to the transport and logistics problems caused by the closed ports and the congestion at the land borders will remain a key priority. BusinessEurope will continue to maintain close contacts with the Ukrainian Mission to the EU, the government and business representatives in our efforts to support the Ukrainian economy.


How the war in Ukraine will impact global trade and how geopolitical tensions will influence the EU trade policy and its relations with major trading partners were some of the topics discussed in the 4th edition of "Morning Talks on International Issues", with Bernd Lange, Chair of the European Parliament International Trade Committee. The event was an opportunity to debate calls for the EU to become more autonomous and resilient, as well as the future of multilateralism. "The current geopolitical situation will lead to more focus on the bilateral trade agenda, and I am convinced", Lange said, "all four EU agreements with Mexico, Chile, Australia and New Zealand will be concluded within this legislative term". Replying on how companies could take business and investment decisions in the current global situation, he stated he was not in favour of a "friend-shoring" perspective, as it would limit opportunities for companies and disadvantage developing countries, for example in Africa.

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