Join our Climate Dialogues

Dear partners, stakeholders, citizens,

We have now kicked off our new BusinessEurope campaign "Climate dialogues: HOW to reach climate neutrality?".

This campaign aims at discussing the major "HOW questions" to develop solutions, with politicians, citizens, non-governmental organisations, scientists, the industry, and any interested person. We want to foster our dialogue with you, all key stakeholders in Brussels, European capitals and worldwide, on moving our economies towards climate neutrality. We are engaging with all our national member federations across Europe to make this campaign happen. - Read our welcome message here.

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Join our Climate Dialogues

European business is fully committed to making Europe the first climate-neutral continent. The implications of this revolution are huge, with far-reaching impacts on society at large that will gradually materialise. It implies a radical transformation of industrial patterns, business models, consumer behaviour and massive investments in next-generation clean technologies across clusters such as hydrogen, gigafactories, electrification, smart grids, bioeconomy or carbon capture utilisation and storage.

No doubts that European business is firmly embarking on this transformative path. At the same time, no one can ignore that numerous challenges prevail, not the least the socio-economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis which will undoubtedly impact the capacity of many businesses to invest, notably in research and innovation activities.

HOW to reach climate neutrality?

The speed with which we will overcome these challenges and maximise the opportunities will be determined by our capacity to discuss and collectively answer the numerous ‘HOW’ questions that still today remain unanswered.

We want to foster this dialogue on key ‘HOW’ questions European industry is still confronted with in its journey towards climate neutrality. We will particularly look at four main themes that are central to make this transformation a success: energy supply, industry cooperation, the investment gap, and the global dimension.