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BUSINESSEUROPE DAY 2020 - 5 March - Plenary debate 2: Ensuring industrial leadership and rewarding innovation in fast evolving value chains

05/03/2020 | © BUSINESSEUROPE

How to deliver an industrial strategy, digitalisation, sound competition and a truly integrated Single Market to strengthen Europe’s position in global value chains? How to foster impactful investment in innovation and protect intellectual property effectively to be competitive globally?

Moderator: Mr Sean Klein, Media Consultant, SeanKlein Media Ltd

Dr Heiko Willems, Permanent Delegate of the Federation of German Industries, BDI
Mr Jean-Marc Ollagnier, CEO Europe, Accenture
Mr Wolfgang Burtscher, Deputy Director General of DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
Mr Beat Weibel, Head of Corporate Intellectual Property Group, Siemens


Last updated: 9 March 2020