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TTIP - unique opportunity to shape world standards

This week Brussels hosted the 6th round of TTIP negotiations marking also one year of discussions between the EU and the US. BusinessEurope is firmly convinced the Transatlantic Partnership is a unique opportunity to shape globalisation according to high-level standards that exist in the EU and the US, be it in health, consumer safety, environment or labour. "Globalisation has changed the world giving rise to new emerging economies that now have a key role on the economic and political scene. The Transatlantic Partnership is our chance to set benchmarks in a number of important areas making a strong contribution to improve health, safety, environment and social standards worldwide", stated BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer. BusinessEurope trusts that during this 6th round EU and US negotiators were able to make real progress in a number of important areas like regulatory cooperation, public procurement, services or energy. Concrete achievements are important as we advance in these complex negotiations. They signal the strong political commitment from both sides to conclude an ambitious agreement and contribute to clarify the public opinion as to what are the real benefits of TTIP.

Last updated: 2 August 2016