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EU-U.S. TTC: it is important to achieve concrete deliverables

BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer participated in the stakeholder roundtable of the EU-U.S. Trade and Technology Council (TTC) in Paris. Together with high-level participants from both sides of the Atlantic, he discussed the priorities for the future work of the TTC in trade and secure supply chains. TTC is a much-needed platform for a high-level EU-US dialogue that goes beyond political cycles, Beyrer underlined. We are happy to see that it has already delivered in substance with the common approach to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Now we need to outline the new areas of cooperation that can lead to concrete outcomes to boost the Transatlantic economy. The EU and USA should work together to improve our common security through export controls, energy security, access to raw materials. We need to promote regulatory cooperation and conformity assessment, reducing trade barriers, both in our bilateral trade, and also multilaterally.

Last updated: 17 May 2022