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Current challenges to world trade: debate with MEP Bernd Lange

How the war in Ukraine will impact global trade and how geopolitical tensions will influence the EU trade policy and its relations with major trading partners were some of the topics discussed in the 4th edition of "Morning Talks on International Issues", with Bernd Lange, Chair of the European Parliament International Trade Committee. The event was an opportunity to debate calls for the EU to become more autonomous and resilient, as well as the future of multilateralism. "The current geopolitical situation will lead to more focus on the bilateral trade agenda, and I am convinced", Lange said, "all four EU agreements with Mexico, Chile, Australia and New Zealand will be concluded within this legislative term". Replying on how companies could take business and investment decisions in the current global situation, he stated he was not in favour of a "friend-shoring" perspective, as it would limit opportunities for companies and disadvantage developing countries, for example in Africa.

Last updated: 7 April 2022