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Asdin El Habbassi

+32 2 237 65 47
industrial policy and energy policy
Short bio: 

Asdin El Habbassi is Adviser for industrial and energy policy at BusinessEurope, the leading advocate for growth and competitiveness. He is currently involved in the debates on the EU industrial policy and currently follows the Sustainable Finance Action Plan. Asdin also assists the Director General’s Cabinet on horizontal files.

Asdin has been seconded by the Austrian Institute for Education & Innovation. Prior to joining BusinessEurope, he focused on education, economic and sustainability issues, as an elected Member of the Austrian Parliament and has gained professional experience in industry, news and start-up companies.

Asdin is a trained communication trainer and facilitator and holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. In addition to his native German, Asdin is fluent in English and speaks basic French.


Last updated: 20 March 2018